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All you need to know about managing equipment for your team

    All training equipment will be purchased at a Club level and will remain property of the Club. Each item of training equipment shall be tagged with an asset number and maintained on a central register of Club assets. A record of the individual asset numbers issued to each team* will be maintained by the Club Treasurer. It is the responsibility of each team to:

    1. Account for the training equipment that they have been issued;
    2. Maintain the training equipment that they are issued with. It should be held in good working order;
    3. Report any end of life/new equipment requests to the Club Kit & Sponsorship organiser; and
    4. Report any losses to the Club Treasurer.

    From time to time, the Club Kit & Sponsorship organiser may request the return of training equipment for the purposes of redistribution/audit.

    Under no circumstances should individual teams purchase training equipment out of their own or donated funds nor should it be utilised for any non-Club activity.
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